Burl Bowls


     Birch bowl with natural oyster shell pattern

             Birch bowl with fired outside

  Spruce Bowl with fired inside/outside, food grade finish

        Spruce bowl with natural coloring

Birch Bowls with fired outside and natural outside

Birch bowl with company logo etching

Birch bowls with Alaskan wildlife etchings

    Museum quality bowls are extremely rare, only one or two a year


Burl Bowls

Designed by nature...

Crafted by hand...

    Debarked birch log with naturally growing burls

            Award winning bowls

Burls are the result of the tree’s defense when an airborne virus attacks it.  The virus is not normally fatal and the burl continues to grow as the tree matures.

Harvesting burls is much like prunning a limb from a tree in your yard.  This process is not lethal to the tree.

The bowls are made from Alaskan birch or spruce burls.  Color and size will vary with each unique piece of wood.


         Birch bowl with fired outside

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To Custom Order A Burl Bowl


Here are a few things to consider when ordering a burl bowl: 

-Birch or Spruce

Our burl bowls are made of two different types of Alaskan wood: spruce and birch. There are advantages to both. Spruce bowls tend to be a bit lighter in weight than the birch and so the larger pieces are easier to move around. Also the spruce wood creates a beautiful grain patterning on the inside when darkened that the birch can not quite develop. However, we have found that the birch burls tend to create more of a variety in natural grain patterns, colors, and designs. As a result the bulk of our bowls do tend to lean towards birch. With this type of wood there really are no repeats, just one of a kind pieces of work. 


You have to think about where you want to place your unique bowl. Will it fit on the mantle, the coffee table, or out on that new patio? Give us an idea of what kind of diameter and depth would be best for your use. Keep in mind that these bowls don't come in normal circles and oblongs. Mother Nature works in unusual shapes and likes to think outside the box. But of course that's half the fun!


Now think about the decor of your home. Do you need a lighter wood or a darker coloring? Most of our birch bowls come in a beautiful blond wood coloring. However if something darker is what you want we are able fire the outside and/or inside of our bowls to a deeper shade of brown or black.

-Bowl Finish

We have two types of finish that are applied to our burl bowls. Our most common is a clear coat urethane finish that is very durable and water proof. This will keep your bowls completely sealed from any staining and requires no maintenance. Bowls with this type of finish can be used indoors or outdoors, for a jewelry or key catch-all, a fruit bowl, candy bowl, or water proof for holding your flowers on the counter. It also creates a wonderful gloss look that really brings out the colors in the wood. Our other option is a food grade bowl which has a combination of mineral and lemon oil coated on the inside. These bowls are recommended if you are looking for a unique serving bowl for your salads or pastas. Maintenance in minimal. When you are finished wipe the bowl down with a soapy washcloth and reapply some mineral or butcher block oil to the inside every now and then to keep it from drying out. Ask about other food grade finish options also.


We are able to provide one more option when you are ordering your custom burl bowl. Your singularly distinctive bowl can also have an etching or inscription placed on the top or bottom. Add your wedding or anniversary date, add a business logo , or just have your favorite Alaskan animal gracefully displayed. The options are only limited by your imagination.  All inscriptions and etchings are artistically burned into the wood by hand.


                   Birch bowl with gloss finish, natural coloring


            Birch bowls with wolf & lynx etchings          Birch bowl with natural coloring


      Birch bowl with Sitka Deer Antler base    Birch bowl with waterproof urethane finish   

             Birch bowl fired inside & out                        Spruce bowl with natural coloring

Is one of these burls your future bowl?