Peony Care


EagleSong Family Peony Farm guarantees our roots to be healthy upon arrival and true to name when flowered. Due to circumstances beyond our control we DO NOT assure the plants will live and grow well for you; however we will be happy to work with you should you encounter any issues.

All EagleSong plants are herbaceous (or bush) peonies. They require a dormancy period every winter to bloom. Peonies are fairly low maintenance flowers, but they will take a few years to establish themselves. The first and second year after a root is planted the bush will mainly concentrate on establishing a strong root system. It is in the third year that you will start seeing a substantial production of flowers.

The upside to this is that once a plant has a good strong root system it can provide over 50 years of enjoyment. Fully developed root systems can be divided and passed on for a whole new generation. Truly an heirloom bloom.

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Where to Plant:


Soil Preparation:



Plant roots as soon as possible when you receive them from us. This gives the feeder roots a chance to become established before spring growth. The roots will keep in the packing materials for a period while you prepare their spot.


On-Going Care


Cutting Flowers

EagleSong peonies make ideal cut flowers for show, drying, or just for brightening up a table. Here are a few things to consider once your peonies start blooming:


—EagleSong Peonies, like no other flower