About Us

EagleSong Family Peony Farm is the continuing dream of the Williams family.  Mike & Paula have made this their life journey for over 25 years.  They have raised their 4 children and navigated their back country lifestyle on the terms that Alaska demands.  Hard work and vision has guided EagleSong from “Bush Homestead” to a wilderness lodge and today one of the largest producing peony farms in Alaska.  Their peonies are now enjoyed around the world!

Along the way it has fired the creativity of this artistic family.  Today EagleSong Alaska has become the outlet for their exclusive carvings and other works of art.  The essence of Alaska is in every piece.  We encourage you to examine the art inspired by their deep ties to this land.

EagleSong is as much a destination as it is a working farm.  Be a guest of this remarkable place, whether for a day or longer.  Back country hospitality accentuates the beauty of this wilderness farm.