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EagleSong Peony Farm is strategically nestled at the north base of Mt. Susitna in the majestic Susitna River Valley.  Anchorage, some 40 road-less miles to the east, knows it as Sleeping Lady for its resemblance to a giant maiden lying asleep; more often than not under a blanket of white.  To us it is “The Mountain” and is not an object, but a force that dominates the region.  It always has a say in our daily weather, safely blankets our peony fields in 14 feet of protective snow cover in the harshest of winters and nourishes our fields and senses throughout the year.  It is “The Mountain” that has imprinted itself upon our peonies imparting the vibrancy, subtle hews and deep rich colors seen only in Alaska Grown peonies.

In the shadow of “The Mountain” EagleSong thrives.  EagleSong is one of the largest peony farms in Alaska and it is here that the Williams family grows their luxurious peonies for export to the world.  Their hardy Alaskan Peony Root stock now grows in many gardens around the country.

It is here that farming meets artistry.  EagleSong Alaska is now the exclusive outlet for all of the Williams artistic creations.  Mike is an accomplished commercial carver who specializes in carving Alaska inspired sculptures made of local spruce and birch burls.  These burls are nature’s art in their own right.  The entire family pours their artistic juices into Alaskan art that is found in no other place.  Paula is currently mapping her culinary skills honed at EagleSong over the years.  Her first cook book is currently scheduled to be released later in 2015.

Summer or winter EagleSong offers the unique opportunity to nourish the mind, body and soul…a family owned peony farm that has reached an unparalleled level of harmony with the Alaskan back country that surrounds it.  Make a plan to join the Williams on a fly-in day excursion or an extended stay.  Plan a retreat, conference or destination wedding with EagleSong and create a memory that will always bring back a smile to your face.  Have your own piece of Alaska by shopping their Carving section or ask for Alaska Grown peonies July thru September.


2014 Alaska Farm Family of the Year