Fur Rabbit, White

Fur Rabbit, White
Fur Rabbit, White Fur Rabbit, White Fur Rabbit, White Fur Rabbit, White
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Alaskan Fur Rabbit, 

This is the White Rabbit, in homage to Alice in Wonderland.

The bunny is signed with the date "35813", which stands for...

 "the 358th day of 2013"...

its birthday is December 24, 2013.

This White Rabbit is made of Alaskan Arctic Hare, and Deer leather.

The White Rabbit is also wearing a working pocket watch around its neck.

This special creation is lovingly & expertly hand sewn.

It is our thought that every bunny deserves a heart and within the White Rabbit is a heart of glass. Hence, this bunny is sensitive, so be protective of its feelings and you will be together for a lifetime.

The White Rabbit is 12inches tall, sitting, 9” arms wide

A booklet with all of the above information is included.

NOTE: These are not toys for children. Sadly their small part may be a choking hazard. However, they do enjoy watching over a child's room from the safety of a shelf where they can be seen and enjoyed at a distance.

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